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Solar Eclipse

The other day at B-L-S the solar eclipse was outside and everyone was excited, I am interviewing some children about what they thought.
Cleo thought the solar eclipse was rubbish!
“It was like the smallest eclipse ever, it was tiny!”
Sam, Mikey and Tom said……..
“It was disappointing but exciting.”
They thought the glasses were cool though.
Katlin thought…..
“It was boring but a good experience.”
New teacher Miss Madeley enjoyed every ones enthusiasm but was disappointed.
Teaching assistant Mrs Prichard thought it was disappointing.
Class 9s teacher Miss Rogerson thought it was magical and it was something she won’t forget .
As excited as everyone was B-L-S only saw a couple of seconds of the eclipse so everyone was disappointed, but on the bright side everyone got to keep the special glasses.
By Sasha

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  1. Mrs Briggs

    March 27, 2015 @ 7:02 pm

    It was a pity that it was a cloudy day. Thank you to everyone who donated money
    to help by the telescope. £100 was collected from our school.
    Has anyone looked through a telescope to see the stars or to look at the moon?

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