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“The BLS best” memories of 2014-2015

When the year 6 went to the Isle of Man and my favourite time was when we did gorge walking. Ian

While the year 6 went to the Isle of Man miss Heap taught us and she brought in her tortoise to race against Luke’s tortoise and Miss Heap’s took 3 minutes. Elizabeth

When we had just finished SATs, we got back into the classroom and Miss Heap had a pack of delicious cupcakes, mouth-watering crisps, and scrumptious sweets! Yum! Alanna

My favourite day of the year was when I thirst met Mr Haworth and we made towers out of newspaper and tape. Tebbi

My favourite day of the year was being taught by Mr Haworth and preparing for enterprise with YOU`V BEEN FRAMED. Thomas

I liked doing enterprise week especially the end when we put the photos all over the stall but sadly we didn’t come in the top three!!!!! Jonty

We are doing a play called Alice in wonderland I liked rehearsing and sorting out costumes. Sasha

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