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Dahl Day

This year we celebrated what would have been Roald Dahl’s birthday. A big whopping 100 years.

In the afternoon, KS2 met in the hall for a fizz popping quiz about Roald Dahl. We had 3 stages for them to complete. It was very close, but Trust won. Yay!

On this very same day, we all dressed up as our favourite characters created by the famous Roald Dahl. There were some Willy Wonka’s, Witches, Oompa Loompas and some Matilda’s too.

Also, we designed a Roald Dahl book poll. We asked 8 classes to do a vote on their favourite book. Here are the results…

45 for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
9 for the Twits
4 for Esio trot
27 for Matilda
13 for the Witches
48 for BFG
11 for Georges marvellous medicine.


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